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PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 01 [FINAL BATTLE VER.] P-Bandai Exclusive

PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 01 [FINAL BATTLE VER.] P-Bandai Exclusive

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Banagher Link's gift from daddy, the Unicorn Gundam in its fully powered state. The Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver. is modelled after the final scene of the anime where Banagher unlocks the true potential of the Unicorn Gundam and its Psycho Frame, harnessing his true feelings and the feelings of all of those around him. This kit allows for the transformation between Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode exposing all of the Psycho Frame hidden underneath the armour.

This kit includes everything in the original PG Unicorn Gundam except with a green Psycho frame instead of a red. Extras in the Final Battle Version include:

  • 2 Extra Shield Funnels (3 in total) 
  • 4 Extra Beam Gatling Guns
  • A Display Stand for the 3 shields to create the I-field dispersion ring

This kit can be fitted with the PG Unicorn LED Expansion Kit (not included) and comes with a display base.

Please be advised, PG kits contain a highly detailed inner frame with very intricate movement and control. Although this kit stands at about 50 cm tall, the pieces are very small and fragile if not moved correctly. A higher skill level and lots of experience is recommended before attempting to build one of these kits. 

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