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MG MSN-06s Sinanju OVA ver.

MG MSN-06s Sinanju OVA ver.

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The second coming of the Char is here! Full frontal's famous mobile suit from Gundam Unicorn comes dashing in. Its beautiful design with inspiration from Char's Sazabi and flexing its affiliation with the Sleeves through its floral chrome gold accents, this suit is sure to make any teenagers in giant robots cower in fear. idk. The Sinanju's famous shield, hides a pair of beam axes which can be ejected as separate weapons or, more famously, deployed on the shield to form the giant beam naginata. 

This version of the Sinanju is an upgrade to the Ver. Ka release, featuring anime accurate colours and the famous Rocket Bazooka that can be attached onto its beam rifle or shield. The Sinanju wouldn't be complete without a little drip, so all of the Sleeves accents on the kit are plated in chrome gold making it a great flex as a centerpiece.

The armaments of this mobile suit include:
2 Beam sabers/ Tonfas (Wrist sabers)
Long range beam rifle 
Grenade launcher
Rocket Bazooka
2 Beam axes
2 External fuel tanks.

As with all Master grades, this kit comes with a highly articulate inner frame which will allow you to recreate all of your favourite scenes from the anime. 

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