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Pokemon Terrarium Collection Series 13 Blind Box (Re-Ment)

Pokemon Terrarium Collection Series 13 Blind Box (Re-Ment)

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Discover the enchanting 🌱Pokemon Terrarium Collection - Series 13 Blind Boxes by Re-Ment!🎁 Unbox surprise Pokemon 🦊in vibrant mini ecosystems.🌿✨ With 6 super cute designs to collect, add nature's charm to your space.✨🌟 Perfect for Pokemon lovers and nature enthusiasts.🎁🌱 Catch yours today and let joy fill your world!🌍🌸

The terrariums you can collect feature:
1. Pikachu and Eevee
2. Jolteon
3. Latias
4. Aaron
5. Quilava
6. Oshawott

Collect them all! 

It is guarunteed that there is one of each figure per case. 
Purchasing individual blind boxes will not guarantee you one of each, please purchase a case. 


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